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The purpose of this page is to provide an outlet for people who have not found their “inner thinker.” I was blessed with parents who ensured that thinking was expected, rather than neglected. However, many others were not so fortunate and with many universities shifting their focus on practical degrees, online education, and neglecting the art of thinking, it is important for our talented intellectuals to search for innovative ways to reach and engage a culture that has been deprived of the art of thinking. To be clear, I do not claim to be a talented thinker, that is up to the reader to decide.  I do not claim any intellectual accolades, nor any intellectual superiority, but my hope is that through my example brighter minds would see the value their ideas have and present them in a way relevant with the digital age. Thus this outlet is meant to foster a community of thinkers from beginner to advanced and provide a place to submit questions about resources, topics to be discussed, and engage other thinkers with their ideas.

After encouraging my colleagues and peers to start their own websites, I found that many  lacked the time, the interest, or didn’t see the opportunity to serve the way I did. After getting over many of my own excuses, I decided to start If you are an academic, I hope you find my ideas worthy of engagement and challenge. If you are an individual attempting to begin your own philosophical investigation, I hope you will find this as a resource to guide you in your pursuit.

Happy thinking,

—Thinking Dan.

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