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57 million. For some, this number is irrelevant and for others, it was a major contributor to voting for President-Elect, Donald Trump. 57 million refers to the approximate amount of children whose lives have been terminated during an abortion procedure since Roe v. Wade was passed in the 1970s. Since Donald Trump was elected President, there have been several articles that have been shared on the internet about him keeping his word to select cabinet members and Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, a question we should be asking all churches that claim to be pro-life is, “Are you ready for an era void of abortion?”

Without a doubt, churches in America have been championing the pro-life charge and raising awareness on the abortion issue. Combine this with the fact that if you are born you’re more likely to be pro-life, and you will see that it is only a matter of time before there is a significant majority that will demand the termination of Roe v. Wade. This is precisely what we have seen with the Millennial generation. According to an article posted in the Washington Times, 67% of Millennials are pro-life.


Millennials in Favor of Pro-Life Policies

Whether or not it is possible to overturn Roe v. Wade is questionable. However, given some of Trump’s recent actions, such as appointing staunch pro-life defenders, it is clear that the pro-life grip is tightening on the abortion culture. Should Trump continue to deliver on his promises, there will almost certainly be an increase in live-births. The question then becomes, who are these girls supposed to turn to for support? I’m not only talking about emotional support.

I’m sure many churches are already actively helping young moms in real and practical ways. But, every church has a different congregational size and set of resources, which is the basis for what that church can and can’t do.  Therefore, churches should be connecting and networking with pro-life organizations to become informed on how they can respond to the potential influx of unplanned pregnancies. One might say, “Well, our church never took a political stance on this election and we have been quiet on political issues in general.” Unfortunately, the media is not the best at making nuanced distinctions. If you are an evangelical church, you will be seen as pro-life, and if you have been labeled as pro-life, you will have been labeled a pro-Trump supporter. It is in the best interest of the women, but also in the best interest of the reputation of the Church, that the body of Christ prepare themselves to celebrate and support the 700,000+ lives that will spared each year with the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Number of Babies Aborted per Year

Let’s speculate about the coming “media spin” and the implications of repealing Roe-v-Wade. Suppose that Roe-v-Wade is overturned in the next 4-8 years. This will restrict access to abortion, increasing the likelihood that women will have their children, regardless of whether that is in a dumpster or a hospital. Recall that one of the arguments from Planned Parenthood is that abortion is more humane than a coat hanger or leaving a new-born child in a garbage can. Is Planned Parenthood and her constituents correct? If the church and their conservative counterparts don’t develop a plan to take in single moms and their children, PP will gladly declare, “We told you so!” and spitefully claim that church and conservatives are as hypocritical as everyone believes them to be: willing to violate their conscience and vote for President Trump, but not willing to sacrifice the time and resources to adequately care for an unborn life. The media will have a field day with churches and their political hypocrisy. But the media will not be the only one to call the bluff, single moms that sincerely believe they should not have to have a child will be among those angry with the church. And once again, the left will be there with open arms to “provide” for those the church neglected.

helping-hands-girlAnother friend of mine involved in the pro-life movement and who has protested several times outside of her local abortion clinic, informed me that it is often asked “Who’s gonna take care of this baby? Are you gonna take care of this baby?” To which the pro-lifers respond, “Yes, we will take care of your baby and even give you a baby shower to celebrate!” This is the response that the church needs to emulate and maximize in the coming years. Everything valuable has a cost and the Pro-life movement has been arguing that children have the highest natural value. This logically implies that children naturally require the most sacrifice. If Trump follows through on his pro-life promises, pro-lifers’ primary objective will no longer be demonstrating the value of a human life. Instead, pro-life activism must transition from merely raising awareness to personally investing time and money into caring for both mothers and their unborn children. Whatever the future holds with a Trump presidency, one thing is clear; we are all going to have to ask ourselves the question, “Just how valuable do I think an unborn child really is?”

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