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My wife and I had decided to go out to eat. We sat down to the table and the waitress began taking our order and talking with us about why we had moved to the area. We told her, to her delight, that we had moved to the area so that I could study philosophy and theology. She informed us that she loved philosophy, but her waitressing work and life demands kept her from pursuing the discipline formally. We finished our meal and we drove home, and I had discovered that my study of philosophy formally was something that many may desire, but few have the opportunity to pursue.

Over the next several months I attended my classes and discussed with my class mates and professors the reality that there were people out there that desired to learn philosophy, but did not have access to the books or the educational opportunity to do it themselves. I started encouraging those I believed could really make a difference amongst their peers and those individuals that desire a deeper knowledge of philosophy, but don’t know where to begin their investigation. However, after many futile efforts, every person I encouraged either didn’t have enough time or didn’t see the opportunity the way I did. After getting over many of my own excuses, I was encouraged to write an article on the 2016 election. This blog is not meant to be a political blog, although it may meander in and out of political philosophy occasionally, it had to start somewhere and I figured it might as well start with what people have requested of me.

Therefore, the purpose of this page is to provide an outlet for philosophical and theological examination and discussion. With many universities shifting their focus on the pragmatic degrees, online education,  and neglecting the art of thinking, it is important for our talented intellectuals to search for innovative ways to reach and engage a culture that has been deprived of that which separates man from the animals, his ability to think. To be clear, I do not claim to be a talented thinker, that is up to the reader to decide.  Those I have badgered to take up the mantle of “Philosophical Blogger” are far more suited to the task than I am. I do not claim any intellectual accolades, nor any intellectual superiority, but my hope is that through my example brighter minds would see the value their ideas have and bring them to bear on the public sphere so that those less fortunate would be able to be enriched through their writings and intellectual talents.

If you are an academic, I hope you find my ideas worthy of engagement and challenge. If you are an individual attempting to begin a philosophical investigation of reality, I hope you will find what you need as well. Happy thinking.

—Thinking Dan.

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